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The Views of Mt. Airy in Stockbridge, GA

Reviews about The Views of Mt. Airy

Happy clients talk about The Views of Mt. Airy located in Stockbridge, GA!

Check out what our residents are saying about The Views of Mt. Airy located in Stockbridge, GA! To learn more about how you can be a resident here, email us at or call today at 513-818-9831. We will be happy to assist.

“The staff here is wonderful, helpful and caring and making a change in the community – keep up the great work!”

Keizerin D.


“Since the new management took over last month, I have to rave about how accommodating they have been. Kim’s knowledge and sense of concern were comforting. And the maintenance I have received from Tony and Will has been impeccable.”

Tanja S.


“Hamad was our maintenance guy today. We were very pleased with his service, as he meticulously installed our new microwave. He was efficient and pleasant.”

Niels G.


“The team at The Views of Mt. Airy is very helpful, personable and professional. They are easy to work with and diligent in getting things done. Rather it’s everyday issues or maintenance requests, this team goes above and beyond to help residents have a positive living experience. I recommend The Views of Mt. Airy to anyone who’s looking to live in the Stockbridge area of south Atlanta.”

Tynisha S.


“THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HERE! When I say RUN DONT WALK ! They have taken care of us and informed us along the way with everything we needed to know! Very Clean! BEAUTIFUL AREA!”

Sasha S.


“I been living here at avenue 33 for about 8 months now. Everything has been perfect for me and my family. Our office staff have always been very friendly and helpful. Maintenance here has been incredibly, alot of the time they come fix request either same day or the very next day. I have no complaint within the community. The only thing that may keep from renewing my lease is that the rental cost is not worth the square footage. The units here are so small it’s not enough space for me compared to the rental price.”

Goko R.


“The older reviews DO NOT do this apartment complex ANY justice. My family and I moved in almost a month ago. I have to say so far so good! The application process and us being approved went very smooth. Ken helped us and walked us through everything during the entire process. We appreciate him greatly for that. The leasing office staff in general were extremely welcoming and nice. That’s mainly why things went as well as they did. We were able to move in VERY promptly without any trouble. The complex is also pretty quiet.”



“Tywana W is a great person truly inside and out! She helped me with a last minute emergency. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to move to Avenue33:)”



“When any company or complex comes under new management, you have to understand that there will be growing pains. I fully understand where a lot of the people who have posted legitimate bad reviews are coming from. Moved in in May and any issues we had, where quickly resolved. We moved into one of the newly renovated apartments and had all new counters, appliances, carpet, etc.

We had one issue with the dishwasher, but they quickly got out and replaced it with a brand new one(the one we had wasn’t that old… as I said all new appliances, but I understand that with technology comes uncertainty.) We had issues with our air conditioning not running properly, and once we discovered that our electric bill was MUCH higher then others in the complex Ashley made sure to get maintenance out right away. Ashley was a god send when she was managing the front office of The Views of Mt. Airy and truly made sure that the complex was maintained with pain staking detail.

Since the owners who bought The Views of Mt. Airy have bought Cambridge Point and Ashley has been move from us to them, things haven’t been up to the standards of what we became used to with Ashley, but I also recognize that the maintenance team was split into two teams so that they could start working on both properties. This being said, they need to beef up the number of maintenance employees, simply because if one is out sick, they get put seriously behind on their work load.

Overall the experience though has been a positive one. I feel if you communicate with out being rude and nasty, things go further. If you treat the people with respect they do the same to you. With all of this being said, its just a matter of time before The Views of Mt. Airy is one of the top complexes in the Clayton County area. The new owners are really working to make it a very nice, quite place to live, with a upscale tropical kind of feel if that makes since.”

Matt T.


“I moved here in December, so I’ve been here for a little over a month. Lovey apartment. It’s quiet around here and the grounds are very clean. I wish the address was accurate, anytime I give someone that address it takes them elsewhere. The gates are never working. Other then that I have no complaints about the outside of my apartment. Now for the inside, several of my outlets have stopped working and there’s been some sightings of reddish brown roaches. I’ve laid down a a powder poison for them and it seems to be working. The counter is cheaply made and there is a big gap in it where the roaches come from. The appliances work good. Love the wash room. Overall it’s an okay apartment complex. Perhaps overpriced. Starting to miss having a balcony.
Update: the gates have now been fixed the apartments have been fumigated and I have zero complaints the apartments are wonderful. The pools open and it is now June.”

Queen H.


“I love it here!! I’ve had nothing but the best of an experience since I’ve moved to the complex. They came to my rescue when I had an unforeseen emergency at a previous property. This transition was quick, smooth & stress free!! The leasing office staff is courteous, extremely helpful, and they are very quick to respond when I need ANYTHING!! The maintenance staff also does a great job as well! :)”

Sonya M.